Social Issues Theatre a 501c3 Nonprofit:  82-3532634

Social Issues Theatre, is a 501c3 nonprofit that harnesses the power of theater to shine a spotlight on crucial societal concerns.

Our mission? To raise awareness, educate, and foster hope.

Our captivating Musical Dramedy, "The Wonderful World of Was," serves as a poignant vehicle for highlighting Dementia and Dementia Caregiver Awareness.

The talented creators behind this production have personal connections to the subject—having loved ones grappling with dementia's effects or having battled this debilitating disease themselves.

The heart of our show revolves around Lareaux Bordeaux, a retired real estate developer grappling with Lewy Body Dementia. Portrayed by the remarkable Anthony Vann, who personally faces memory loss due to his own fight with West Nile Virus, this character's journey becomes a narrative that helps normalize the conversation around dementia.

In a world where 1 out of 9 individuals is affected by dementia and a staggering 30% of dementia caregivers lose their lives during the caregiving process, this issue has become a pressing health crisis.


Your support is crucial in spreading Dementia Awareness, providing education on prevention strategies, and most importantly, fostering hope. With your donations, we can expand our outreach efforts to provide information about essential healthcare agencies, respite services, financial assistance, and other vital forms of support for families navigating the challenges of dementia care.

The Wonderful World of Was and all music are copyrighted works. No reproductions or usage of any kind are permitted without the written consent of Social Issues Theatre: L.A. Walker and or Marcia Norris

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