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"The Wonderful World of Was" 

                  A musical dramedy

A little music and a little humor make information palatable

A musical dramedy sharing the journey of those living with dementia and their caregivers is an invaluable tool for raising awareness for several reasons:

  1. Emotional Connection: Music and comedy are powerful tools for eliciting emotions and empathy. By incorporating these elements into storytelling, audiences can connect more deeply with the experiences of those living with dementia and their caregivers. This emotional connection can foster understanding and compassion.

  2. Breaking Stigma: Dementia is often surrounded by stigma and misunderstanding. Portraying the experiences of individuals with dementia and their caregivers in a relatable and humanizing way through a dramedy format can help break down these barriers. It can show that people living with dementia are not defined solely by their condition but are complex individuals with rich lives and relationships.

  3. Educational Value: A dramedy format can entertain while also educating audiences about dementia and caregiving challenges. Through the characters' experiences, audiences can learn about the symptoms of dementia, the struggles faced by caregivers, and the importance of support and understanding for those affected by the condition.

  4. Promoting Dialogue: The shared experience of watching a musical dramedy can stimulate conversations about dementia and caregiving within families, communities, and healthcare settings. These discussions can help raise awareness, reduce stigma, and encourage proactive planning for dementia care.

  5. Inspiring Advocacy: Stories have the power to inspire action. A musical dramedy that effectively portrays the challenges and triumphs of dementia caregiving may motivate viewers to become advocates for better support services, funding for research, and policy changes to improve the lives of those affected by dementia.

  6. Offering Support: For individuals currently living with dementia or serving as caregivers, seeing their experiences reflected in a musical dramedy can offer validation, comfort, and a sense of community. Knowing that others share similar struggles and joys can be empowering and reduce feelings of isolation.

Overall, a musical dramedy can serve as a creative and impactful medium for raising awareness of dementia and caregiving, fostering empathy and understanding, and promoting positive social change.

The seven-member cast, an ensemble of unparalleled talent, brought this workshop production to life.  The story of Lorraine Bordeaux's untimely passing, leaving her husband's care in the hands of their self-centered daughter, her husband's personal assistant, her caring long-time friend, and Tony the maintenance man, all with no prior experience in dementia care.

"The Wonderful World of Was" validates the daily struggles faced by dementia caregivers, helping newcomers to understand the behavioral changes ahead.

The production features original music written and arranged by L.A. Walker, with Musical Director Elder Demieceo Benson, and Marcia Norris, delivering messages of hope and encouragement set to rhythmic beats.

Adding to the musical spectacle is the inclusion of The Las Vegas Mass Choir, under the leadership of Director and Founder James R. Smith and Business Manager Victoria L. Norman, who eagerly embraced the opportunity to support dementia and dementia caregiver awareness. 
Through the years the Las Vegas Mass Choir under the very fine leadership of James R. Smith, along with its manager,Victoria L. Norman ;  has supported many social endeavors not only in Las Vegas but throughout the United States and Abroad.

The Las Vegas Mass Choir has recorded with Imagine Dragons and the Killers to name a few.

Residency with Take 6, Kirk Whalum, Clint Holmes and Nnenna Freelon.

The Las Vegas Mass Choir has provided inspirational music for Fotune 500 Corporate events and performed with many music greats

David Foster and Friends, Stevie Wonder, Neil Diamond, Recording artist Ne-Yo, John Tesh, Winnoa Judd, The Italian sensation Niko, and The Canadian Tenors, to name a few.

The Las Vegas Mass Choir is a common name on the Gospel Radio and Television Networks throughout the United States. The choir has achieved international recognition through performances and artist fellowships in Switzerland, Australia, and Germany.

It is such an honor to have the Las Vegas Mass Choir support Social Issues Theatre's efforts to increase Dementia Awareness and encourage caregiver support.

In 2024 The Las Vegas Mass Choir will celebrate their 20th year Anniversary with the release of their highly anticipated single "Forgiven"