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The Enable Me Theatre Pilot Program

Persons with dementia deserve to continue enjoying fulfilling lives filled with creativity, passion, and joy, even as their memory changes. Unfortunately, the diagnosis often leads to isolation, robbing patients of opportunities for expression and enjoyment. Recognizing this, Marcia Norris and L.A. Walker, Executive Directors of Social Issues Theatre, have spearheaded the Enable Me Theatre pilot program.

Drawing from their personal experiences – Norris's ongoing care for her mother and Walker's journey alongside her late spouse's battle with Lewy Body Dementia – they are committed to addressing the holistic needs of the dementia community. They understand the importance of caregivers finding ways to connect with their loved ones daily.

The Enable Me Theatre pilot program not only offers a fresh perspective on dementia caregiver/partner relations but also provides tools to foster harmony between patients and caregivers. By emphasizing collaboration and meaningful engagement, it aims to enhance the quality of life for all involved in the dementia journey.

The Enable Me Theatre Pilot Program aims to revolutionize dementia care by integrating therapeutic theatre techniques into the lives of those affected by Alzheimers and related ADRD's by acquainting caregivers/partners with tools that will support them in providing  mindful and patient care. Through a series of interactive workshops, participants can tap into their creativity, engage in storytelling, and experience the joy and relaxation of actively participating in theatre productions. 


Why is this Unique?

Many of those affected by cognitive impairment are thought to be useless

"Enable Me Theatre's Role Reversal: Transforming Caregivers into Care Partners"

Enable Me Theatre introduces a groundbreaking concept: role reversal. Through interactive workshops, caregivers learn to engage in role reversal, where individuals with dementia transition from care recipients to care providers. This innovative approach instills a sense of purpose, usefulness, and renewed self-esteem in caregivers, fostering a renewed sense of hope and enhancing relationships. Join us in revolutionizing dementia care through empowering role reversal experiences.

The launch of the Enable Me Theatre Pilot Program comes at a critical time, as the prevalence of dementia continues to rise. By revolutionizing dementia care through theater, Social Issues Theatre aims to increase awareness, promote understanding, and improve the quality of life for those affected by this challenging condition.

Enable Me Theatre by Social Issues Theatre aims to fill several voids and address various needs in relation to dementia caregiving and societal understanding of the disease. Some of the voids it seeks to fill include:

  1. Awareness and Understanding: Dementia caregiving is often a difficult and misunderstood journey. This production seeks to raise awareness and enhance understanding of dementia, its impact on individuals and families, and the challenges faced by caregivers. By providing an authentic and relatable portrayal of dementia caregiving, it fills the void of knowledge gaps and misconceptions.
  1. Emotional Support: The emotional toll of dementia caregiving can be significant. This production aims to provide emotional support by depicting the personal stories and experiences of caregivers. It seeks to validate their struggles, normalize their emotions, and foster a sense of community and understanding. By doing so, it fills the void of emotional support for caregivers.
  1. Representation and Visibility: Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia are prevalent and affect millions of people worldwide. However, there is often a lack of representation and visibility of the experiences of dementia caregivers in mainstream media and artistic productions. This production fills the void by giving voice and representation to caregiving experiences, ensuring they are seen and heard.
  1. Advocacy and Policy Influence: By highlighting the challenges and needs of dementia caregivers, the production aims to influence advocacy efforts and shape policies to better support this community. It fills the void in the realm of policy and systemic change, advocating for better resources, support systems, and understanding of dementia caregiving.
  2. Connection and Community: Dementia caregiving can be isolating, and caregivers often long for connection and a sense of community. This production seeks to fill the void of isolation by providing a platform for caregivers to come together, share their experiences, and connect with others who understand their journey.


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